"The Woods"

Bethlehem, CT


First Tent - 1940's


Army Tent - 1950's


Bill Petitjean - Building the Cabin


Cabin - 1960's


The Brook


Linda and Gwen

29 Aug 1948


The Meadow


Gwen and Linda


Gwen, Linda, and Bill


The Woods


Tire Swing - Linda and Gwen


Bill and Bill Jr.




Our Neighbors


Adams Family

Back - Lynn Eleanor, George William, Helen Viola (Diemer), Glen Robert

Front - Dian Dorothy, and Todd Shepard


Their House


Lynn Adams, Bill Petitjean Jr.,

and Dian Adams


Easter at the Adams' House - 1957

Todd, Dian, Linda, Lynn, Bill, Gwen, and Glen


Lynn Adams, Linda Petitjean,

and Dian Adams


Lynn, Todd, Glen, and Dian


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